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Dragon Remote Microphone app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 3216 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: Nuance Communications
Current version: 1.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 13 Jun 2011
App size: 3.36 Mb

The Dragon Remote Microphone app turns your iOS device into a wireless microphone, making it easier and more comfortable for individuals to use their Dragon Desktop software. Users can now opt to use the remote microphone app as an alternative to a supported headset.

This app can be used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC (Home Edition and higher for Versions 11.5 and higher) and Dragon Dictate for the Mac (Versions 2.5 and higher).

Dragon NaturallySpeaking: h

Dragon Dictate:

The app requires a WiFi connection to the PC running the appropriate version of Dragon software.

Pros and cons of Dragon Remote Microphone app for iPhone and iPad

Dragon Remote Microphone app good for

Wow! This is a very sleek app! It was user friendly to set up. I watched as I talked into my iPhone and the words appear on my computer screen! I walked all over my house then checked on the screen, 99% accuracy! How cool! Way to go Dragon.
But, considering you are sending your voice over the Internet... As long as you talk a bit slower than when using the wired microphone the recognition is pretty descent.
Oh my God, it is the absolute best purchase I made in a very long time! Dragon software and in FRENCH! Thank you NUANCE, i love u as much as Apple.
Set up adhoc network between your computer and iPhone for Bluetooth like support.
It took a little while to get this set up properly and to become accustomed to it. I have been using Dragon for years with a multi-hundred dollar Plantronics device, and this iPhone version is far, far superior.

Some bad moments

The app itself is free but the description doesnt mention that the software costs $199...
This app is amazing when I am at home on my own network... which never. Right now I am at the hospital with my iPhone 4S and MacBook Air running Dragon Dictate inches away from each other, yet they cannot connect over the secure hospital network. They both have bluetooth, not supported. I have my USB cable in my briefcase -- wouldnt it be great to use my iPhone as a mic and charge it at the same time? Not supported. The wifi restriction makes this app useless in the work world.
Am running Dragon Dictate 2.5.2 and app (on iPhone 4S) refuses to communicate with main application. Online help for both app and main program is useless for this issue. Waste of time.
About 80% of the time the Dictate program fails to “see” the microphone application. The iPhone App. complains about the Wi-Fi network–which functions fine–and when you select the option to "find the computer" it is unable to recognize the device 12 inches away. Then, for no obvious or apparent reason, after restarting both the program on the computer and the microphone App. on the iPhone4 several times, it makes a connection. While it is connected, it appears to be working fine. However, in my experience, it is only about 1 time out of 15 tries that a secure connection can be made. There are no relevant troubleshooting instructions on the Nuance website. For practical use, this App. is unfortunately useless.
When connecting my iPhone 4s to my PC running Windows 7 via Wi-Fi the application freezes on the iPhone when you press the center "button" on the app to start speaking once the Wi-Fi connection has been made.
Is otherwise fine, but this is a showstopper. Use an external mic instead.

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